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Professional Birth Certificate Translation Services

Quick and accurate translation of birth certificates into Arabic, English, and close to 100 other languages.

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Professional Birth Certificate Translation Services

Quick and accurate translation of birth certificates into Arabic, English, and close to 100 other languages.

Precise and fast translationof birth certificates into Arabic, English, and close to 100 other languages.

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Translation of Birth Certificates in a Flash

Our team of professional translators ensures that they complete all translations of birth certificates into Arabic on time and accurately.They also have the same benchmark for translations into other languages.Depending on the document’s length, we may do birth certificate translations in one to two days on average. We may even provide sameday service if you need your papers translated right away. The translation of your birth, marriage, and other legal documents will be done quickly if you call now. What are you waiting for?

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Professional Birth Certificate Translators

Personal information is contained on birth certificates, which need a careful translation.Transcript mistakes of the tiniest degree can have serious consequences, like conflicts in details in different legal documents.The Arabic Group has translated hundreds of Arabic birth certificates and other legal documents for years.If you need a birth certificate for immigration,  academic, business, or other reasons, we are the seasoned experts for you. Our services are available for you today. Call now!

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Expertsin Document Translation

Our 24/7 availability makes us always available to translate your birth, marriage, and other official documents. We also ensure that our translations are recognized by the U.S. Citizen ship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other government and business entities worldwide. As a global business and immigration partner, The Arabic Group can help you worldwide in close to100 languages. Please take advantage of our products and services right away!

24-Hour Delivery Service

On-Call at All Times

We commit to responding to your inquiries right away. Our customer support representatives are available around the clock in every time zone. As a result, you may reach us, and we’ll get back to you immediately.Try calling right now!

Incredibly Accurate Translations

Birth certificate translators who work for us have been in the industry for a long time and are among the top 1% of their fields. Their translation of birth certificates into Arabic and other languages has always been excellent, and we aim to maintain it that way going forward. Many returning immigrants have benefited from birth certificate translation. We have been translating legal documents for so long that we’re confident nothing can go wrong.

Exceptional Value for a Five-Star Service

WithThe Arabic Group, you can expect only the finest quality of service. Translations by our topnotch translators are fast and accurate, saving you, our customers, time and money. Check our order page and realize that our prices for the translation of birth certificates are very competitive. Suppose you type in “Translate a birth certificate into English, Arabic, and other languages” into Google. In that case, you’ll undoubtedly find us the best among the results because we’re better and more economical.

Experts in the Field of Immigration

Translations, certifications, and notarizations of legal documents are handled by our translators, who have vast experience in the real world. As a result, we consistently satisfy the documentation standards of the USCIS and other government agencies globally. That’s why you can depend on us to be your best friend whether you’re moving to a new nation for any reason, including immigration, study, or business.When it comes to translating important documents, you can rely on us.

Privacy of Data

The Arabic Group understands how critical it is to protect your personal information. We ensure all of our employees have clean records and sign non-disclosure agreements; they are not permitted to look over documents that they are not working on. Furthermore, all electronic files are protected by our engineers using cuttingedge technology. We place a high value on your privacy.

Specialized Translators

Our translators have perfected how to translate a birth certificate into English, Arabic, and many languages, over many years. For this reason, we are confident in their ability to adhere to and follow the standards and the acceptable forms established by the various organizations. To get the best translation service for birth certificates, contact us. Don’t wait any longer!

Begin by Taking a Few Easy Steps

Please send us your birth certificate and other papers via our order page. Afterward, we’lltranslateitintoany other 90+supported languages. Itis as simple as that. For a more indepthexplanation, see the followingsteps (below).

How It Works

Getting a swift and trustworthy translation is simple. Initiate a translation order and we will get started in 5 minutes

Select the Language and Speed You Desire

Begin by deciding on the languages of the original and the final versions of your birthcertificate.We can guarantee sameday delivery for clients who need their documents senturgently. With our average speed, we accomplish our work in 12 working days,depending onthe length of the document.

Upload Your Files

Upload a photo of your documents to our website. It’s also possible to send them by email, phone, or postal.

Your Translations Have Arrived

Five minutes is all it takes to place an order. Justsit back and wait for your translated birthcertificate or any other document to arrive through email after this step.

Accuracyand Dependability

People know us for getting things done quickly and accurately. We have project managers who oversee and ensure that all of our translations are done quickly and well. Because of that, we provide consistent quality for all our output. Give us a try today!

Service Excellence

Service Excellence teams of friendly, qualified professionals are available 24 hours a day to help customers. You won’t have to worry about a language gap when you work with us. We have agents who speak more than one language and will probably talk to you in your dialect.

Privacy Is Assured

Only the people in charge of translating and making sure the information is correct will see your birth certificate and other information. We also take a step further by ensuring that all our employees go through strict background checks. They also sign contracts saying they wouldn’t tell anyone about their jobs. In addition, we also protect our data with cuttingedge encryption.We care about keeping your information private.

Testimonials and Reviews

The Arabic Group hasdone businesswith the same people more than once, and they’ve told alot of other people about us. Some of what they say about us include:

When my family moved to Canada, because we, the children, were going to study there, we had The Arabic Group process the translation of our birth certificates and other documentsThey did it very professionally.

Hilal Ansari, Ontario, Canada

I had the opportunity to study in the M.E., so I got The Arabic Group for the translation of my birth certificate and other documents intoArabic. They were fast and accurate, and their price for translation of my birth certificate and other documents was surprisingly very affordable.

Bradley B. Jensen, California, U.S.A

Superior Legal Documents Translation Service

A request for a translation of a birth certificate often signifies an application to a foreign government or private organization. The majority of our relevant experience includes immigration and overseas study, which entail extremely delicate paperwork. The translated birth, marriage, and other certificates must be error-free and authenticated. OfficialDocumentTranslation.com is a specialist in such endeavors. We will translate and prepare your papers according to the specifications of government authorities (such as the USCIS) and the institution to which you will submit them. We are your translation partner. Obtain one immediately!

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Certified Birth Certificate Translation Samples

Here are samples of birth certificate translationswe have done

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate


FBI Background Check

Frequently Asked Questions

We, The Arabic Group, have extensive experience translating birth certificates. We are well-versed in the acceptable forms and can assure the government's acceptance of them. Please send us your Arabic birth certificate or any other document in one of the more than 90 supported languages. We will translate it into Arabic using standard forms to ensure that your government accepts it. Obtain a birth certificate translation today!
We would gladly provide you with a free estimate based on your needs. Check our order page for a free quote. You may also call for a free estimate!
The Arabic Group offers professional translation, certification, and notary services. You do not need to put "translation of birth certificate near me" into Google to locate a speedy and trustworthy translation service. Obtain a professional translation today!

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Highly Recommended Service in Translating Birth Certificates Into English

You will normally need an expert who translates birth certificates into English when you apply for immigration or international studies. You cannot rely on your bilingual friends or relatives to do it for you for many reasons. For instance, the USCIS and most universities have specific guidelines and formatting requirements that must be followed. Failure to abide by those standards will result in the non-acceptance of your application. The Translation Group, because of its experience, knows exactly what to do. We will translate your documents following the required standards so that you will not waste time and money on revisions and rework.

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Validity of Certification

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com provides the Certification by Translator document if necessary. This certification is required for USCIS, other governments, and academic institutions to accept a candidate. Your certified document is assured to be legitimate in government and educational organizations such as the USCIS.

The Premiere Translation Services Provider

Typically, a petition to a foreign government requires a birth certificate translation. The majority of our relevant experience includes confidential papers, such as those about immigration and overseas studies. We all know that translations of birth, marriage, and other certificates must be accurate and verified. We, at The Arabic Groupexcel in performing these tasks. We will translate and format your documents according to the guidelines followed by government authorities and the institution to which you are sending them. We are your translation partner.Contact us right away!

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