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Certified legal translators in English, Arabic, and close to 100 other languages.

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Get certified Arabic translation and notarization services of ilegal, medical, and technical documents on the same day!






Quick Turnaround

Depending on the document’s length and complexity, we translate it from English to Arabic within two working days. To get your papers completely translated on the same day, you can use our urgent service. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we will provide you with the services of our certified Arabic translators!

Top Arabic Translators

We provide certified Arabic translator services amongst a wide range of other offerings. OurArabicEnglish translators are some of the best in the business, being a part of the top 1% of all practitioners in the industry.The same is true for our translators in other languages. This is why we are confident that not many can match our level of expertise in translation. Get in touch with us right away, and we’ll send you a qualified Arabic translator to process your documents.

Confidentiality and Security of Personal Information

The safety and security of our customers are a top priority for us. That means we do every thing to keep your personal information and translation projects safe from prying eyes. Our order and payment pages are secured using the most advanced encryption technologies. In addition, we require our staff to sign pretty restrictive nondisclosure agreements. Make sure you get a certified translation right away.

More Than 90 Languages Supported

More than 90 languages are supported byThe Arabic Group’s certified Arabic translators. We are the company to call if you need an EnglishArabic translator or specialists in 90+ other languages. We can also guarantee that the USCISand other government agencies will accept our translation services if you plan to immigrate to the United States. Try our Arabic English translators’ services today!

Our Translation Process

Excellent Translations

The Arabic Group has extensive experience with multilingual translations. We translate various papers for federal authorities such as USCIS and worldwide corporations. There is no need toGoogle “Translate from English to Arabic near me.Wherever you are, we are your expertArabic translation service.

Translation Services in Record Time

We translate Arabic into English and other languages within one to two days. Customers canal so select “Urgent” for guaranteed sameday delivery on our order page. We continually look for ways to enhance our Arabic English translators and client service. Because of this, we are likely the fastest provider of certified translation services in the business.

Outstanding Arabic Translators

We employ some of the most competent translators in law, medicine, academia, and others. In addition, every one of our certified Arabic translators is a native speaker of the language they are tasked with translating, ensuring that their work is accurate on a linguistic and cultural level. Moreover, we frequently verify that our output is correct and devoid of potentially offensive phrases. It is almost impossible to go wrong with The Arabic Group.

Translators Certification

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and private organizations require a trained translator and accompanying certification to validate translated papers.Translators are needed to produce a letter attesting to their eligibility to translate and the correctness of their translations. The Arabic Group offers this service and assures that your papers will be accepted. We have processed thousands of these forms and can guarantee that our translations are on point.

International Accreditations and Apostilles

We can guarantee acceptance by USCIS, although few others can. We often cooperate with governments, academic institutions, and international enterprises. Consequently, we are knowledgeable about the most recent formats and specifications of many reputable organizations. Our work is guaranteed not to be rejected and returned to you. Contact us right now!

A Few Easy Steps

We have simplified our order page so that you can quickly place an order and check out. You will be astonished by how simple it is to purchase an Arabic translation today. Translate English to Arabic and other languages today. Call us!

How It Works

Choose Your Service

If you want to translate Arabic to English or other languages online, you may specify your needs using the dropdown choices. The cost of our translations is calculated per page. If both document pages include text, it will be considered two pages.

Transmite Your Documents

Please provide a readable picture of your papers on our order page. You may also fax or email us the document images. Our ArabicEnglish translators and other language specialists are always ready to begin working on your project.

Complete Your Purchase

Our rates to translate English to Arabic and other languages are reasonable and competitive.The ordering process is quick and straightforward, taking less than five minutes. If you dial our hotline, we will gladly assist you through the process.

Get Your Certified Translations

You will receive the translated materials within one to two business days. Our certified translation service is always accurate. If you want an IMMEDIATE translation, we will provide it on the same day.

Always On-Point

Our Arabic, English, and other languagetranslations are performed by the most trained and experienced language specialists. Then they are reviewed by independent experts to assure the consistently highest quality of our services. Continually, we strive for accuracy, swiftness, and affordable pricing. We are the certified Arabic translator for you!

Excellent Customer Service 24/7

24/7 multilingual customer support representatives are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you call, they will gladly assist you. If you have difficulty browsing our order website, we will help you through the entire procedure. Contact us right away!

Emphasis on Data Protection

The Arabic Group employs stringent security measures to safeguard your information. No one who is not working on your project is permitted to view your document. In addition, we undertake rigorous background checks on all candidates to ensure that they do not pose a threat to our clients. In addition, all employees must sign confidentiality agreements. We also safeguard our servers with cuttingedge encryption and erase all data upon the conclusion of a project. Utilize our EnglishArabic translation services now!

Certified Top-Rated Legal Translation
Agency in Over 90 Major Languages.

We are the most qualified legal translation company for your translation needs.
Call now, and we will be glad to assist you at all times.

Certified Top-Rated Legal Translation Agency in Over 90 Major Languages.

We are the most qualified legal translation company for your translation needs. Call now, and we will be glad to assist you at all times.

Testimonials and Reviews

We take great pleasure in our work and go to considerable lengths to guarantee that our clients are always satisfiedHere’s a selection of the comments we’ve received from pleased customers.

When I needed a reliable company to translate English to the Arabic language, The ArabicGroup stepped in and provided me with the most accurate translation of my working papers.Indeed, my overseas clients were impressed.

William C. Pruett, North Carolina, U.S.A.

The Arabic Group provided me with the best ArabicEnglish translator when I did a project in K.S.A.

William J. Nelson, Virginia, U.S.A.

Samples of Our Professional Translation Service

The Arabic Group is proud of its translation work. Here are samples of our language translation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arabic Translation Proof

No need. You may Google "certified Arabic translator near me" to try to discover a good translator in your area. However, there is no assurance that you will find a skilled and trustworthy specialist to translate from English to Arabic or any other language. At The Arabic Group, we provide 24/7 access to top-notch linguists and customer support specialists. You need not wait for business hours or days to initiate a translation. Our crew is ready all the time to answer your questions and begin working on your project as soon as you complete the checkout process.
We exclusively hire the top 1 percent of all certified Arabic translators currently in practice. Thus, we can assert that our legal, academic, and other translators are the best in the industry. Due to our strict requirements, we can only hire three specialists for every one hundred candidates. In addition, we employ stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure that you receive the most accurate translations.
Yes. We have handled the immigration paperwork of thousands of Arabic immigrants to the United States, Canada, and other nations. Additionally, we translate texts into more than ninety other languages.
Yes. We offer certified translation services in more than 90 languages and translation certification and notarization services for translated documents. Those seeking apostilles need to look no farther than us; we provide them. Try our translation services for documents today!

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  • What Type of Translation Do You Need?

The Finest Legal Translation Services Provider

It should not take more than a few days to complete a certified translation of a lengthy legal document. At The Arabic Group, we ensure that every legal Arabic translation is completed promptly and to the highest possible standard. This is true even for rush or sameday translation services. We are pretty proud that our internal processes do not permit incorrect translations.

Legal Translation Service Features:

24/7 Customer Support

Fast Turnaround

Complete Accuracy

Includes Notarization Certificate, if Requested

Professional Privacy and Security